Sunday, April 17, 2011


Its like some kind of science fiction dream. There is a glowing orb in the sky.

last night's ride was a beauty. rounded the lake, finished drunk yet unable to finish my second post-ride jumbo jack.

crashed at jeremiah's and awoke to the sunshine.

in another example of why the viaduct should be rebuilt and the surface street option is not viable, it took 30 minutes to drive from interbay to the ferry terminal.

on a related subject, a good argument for clubbing cyclists with entitlement issues into comas was spotted on alaskan way: old white guy, wearing yellow cycling jacket and riding nice bike, hogging entire inside lane yet saving his lung power for blowing a police-issue whistle at all passing cars.

it would have warmed my heart if a brain dead republican had climbed out of their suv to shove that whistle up that douche bag's keister.

jeremiah made a fix to my light, should work better now. hopefully i didnt burn down my house with the old battery.

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