Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ridin' Dirty - The ferry ride after Beacon Hill/West Seattle

Booked passage on the Bummertown drunk boat. The last boat for the night.
there is a drunk woman with fake red hair ranting about somebody eating her 3 muskateers bar.
an annoying man is following her around, saying "mary, mary, calm down." if he would shut up maybe i could understand what she is trying to say.
it was to be the only dry day for the week. rain through friday. mr. q and jeremiah and i rode beacon hill and up through the west seattle junction.
("yay! i love 3 muskateers!," the woman said.
"mary, mary, you're too much for me," the annoying man said over and over, trying to make sure she not only heard, but understood. mary is at least entertaining.)
tried for the first time ... shit, the drunks:
"it still smells like vomit over here," one guy says.
his bro retorts, "he's taller than me. ... mary?"
stop saying mary. please.
we tried the new fourloko, now sans artificial pep. green apple. half got me ...
im not as drunk as mary, or as annoying as that guy.

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