Saturday, April 9, 2011

Retrospective 2008: Shit got real

As even marginally literate readers will note, among the weaknesses of this blog are the photos, which are of poor quality.

Most, if not all, are out of focus, which we could claim is artistic flourish, meant to capture the mindset of the night rider, which is, equally, out of focus. We could blame it on the cameras, the way a shoddy carpenter blames their tools. We have done both.

We have our limitations as riders as well as mechanics, but when it comes to ineptitude, put a camera in our hands and we shine like a well polished turd.

So then, here are some mediocre photos, collected from the 2008 night riders archives, capturing the sweaty, viscous birth of night riding.

These images document the first months of the union, before there actually was a union, when it was just a few stoned bros who liked to ride long distances at night listening to jams. Much has changed since then.

Figure 1: Handsome Jack, Scrap Pile, Georgetown. Sept. 28, 2008

Figure 2: Mr. Q, I-90 bike tunnel, Mount Baker. Oct. 19, 2008

Figure 3: Mr. Q and Jeremiah discuss collective bargaining rights at the Scrap Pile. Nov. 23. 2008

Figure 4: Weigh Station, Harbor Island. Nov. 28, 2008

Figure 5: Mr. Q, location unknown. Dec. 8, 2008

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