Friday, April 8, 2011

Admiral Way West Sortie

WEST SEATTLE - Bouts to bomb down the admiral way west to alki. Beautiful night.

Dry, not warm but not cold. just shy of 50 degrees. 5 mph wind from the north.

The first night appropriate for night riding in many moons.

it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow.

the mariners were getting stomped when we left magnolia. Home opener fans streaming from safeco before the seventh inning stretch said it was 12-0, cleveland.

'and it weighs a ton
riq jeez, muthatrucka
i'm a son of a gun'
-black thought

'a new method
to rip the stage in my age
i get loose and kick
like bruce in a rage
i'm on a rampage'
-erick sermon

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