Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're getting warmer...

by John Pepys (NRU)

SEATTLE--As spring approaches, it is becoming easier to coax the less hardcore into heading out after dark. After getting properly blessed, I rolled by Magnolia and proposed a down-south ride to the usually reticent Stephanie. To my suprise, she accepted without hesitation. Within an hour, we were off for a midnight ride down to Randy's diner--bacon and pancakes for her, corned beef hash for me.

This is a very nice ride--one of the few rides of moderate distance in Seattle that can be accomplished with no real climbing. Leaving Magnolia just after 11 P.M., we headed south on the Elliot Bay Trail to Alaskan Way, over to 1st Ave. S, and up to Lander St. Lander to Airport Way S, and thence to E Marginal Way, via Ellis St. in Georgetown. We had a middling headwind holding us up while heading south, which made for smooth sailing on the return ride. On a balmy 42 degree night, we made the round-trip in about 2 hours--the 25 miles marking a new personal distance record for Stephanie. Well done.

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  1. way to go steph and j!
    -night rider