Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainy night excursion

art at Indian Canoes of the Pacific NW

by John Pepys (NRU)

SEATTLE--Went for a moist little jaunt with Jeremiah tonight. Left Magnolia shortly before 1 AM, headed to Fremont via the Ballard Bridge and the BG. From there to South Lake Union via Westlake Ave., by which time we were soaked to the bone. Chilled (and smoked) out under the little wooden shelter at the "Indian Canoes of the Pacific Northwest" display outside of the Center for Wooden Boats. After about fifteen minutes the deluge had ended and we were back in business.

We headed south up the hill on Terry Ave. to Denny Way, and thence to Broadway. We did a fair amount of shuckin' and jivin' once we got across I-5 on Denny--turning north down a few choice dark alleys in order to run perpendicular to the climb for a little while--and working our way up the hill one block at a time. Came out on Broadway at Harrison St. This was Jeremiah's first time to the top of Capitol Hill (under his own power, that is.)

The climb was certainly no walk in the park, but the reward was worth the effort. Right at 2 AM--just in time to catch the bar traffic--we mobbed back down the hill: Broadway to Pine St. to 3rd Ave. to Madison St. to 2nd Ave. to Yesler Way to the waterfront. Even with all the brake-checking due to the abundance of cross streets and red lights, still managed to top 25 MPH coasting down Pine St. Not as fast, nor as pleasing, as Admiral Way, but a fun ride nonetheless. I can confidently endorse it as a C-class bombing route. (see Seattle's Best Hills.)

After that, it was a leisurely cruise up the waterfront on Alaskan Way and the Elliot Bay Trail back to Magnolia for a night-cap. After surviving the initial sogginess, turned out to be a really nice ride--a good route for when you want to get in some serious work (the Cap Hill climb,) but don't want to be out all night.

Jeremiah chillin' beneath the Fremont Troll

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