Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Scout Master

 photo by nick, in the I-90 bike tunnel

In the end, if you count only the parts on the bike -- not all parts purchased for the bike, even the ones that didn't work -- and don't count parts nicked from Kali, this Surly Cross Check cost about the same price as a stock Cross Check. Upgrades include wheels (Ultegra, Mavic Open Pro, waaay too good for me), Tiagra shifters and outboard BB triple crankset -- and triple front dérailleur.

This bike rides like no other I've ever ridden. Shifting is crisp, it rolls smooth like a slip-n-slide coated in personal lubricant. This bike is out of my league. I don't deserve it, but I vow to not let that stop me.

I've had a couple obsessions this year, this is one of them. I want to run over the world with this bike. Hide your children.

Right now there is a creak coming from the crankset/bb/pedal region. I must located this creaking, and conquer it, like a scout master conquers his troop.


frame/fork: 60cm surly cross check, brown
headset:cane creek s-3
rw: mavic open pro, ultegra 6600
fw: mavic open pro, ultegra 6600
bb: shimano hollowtech II
crank: shimano tiagra, 50-39-30 (stock steel granny gear swapped for aluminum FSA 30t)
casette: sram, 11-28
fd: shimano tiagra, triple
rd: shimano tiagra GS
shifters/brake levers: tiagra
brakes: tektro oryx cantilever (front), tektro (rear)
pedals: big ol' mountain jobs
saddle: selle royal respiro with patented scrotum air conditioning
chain: sram 9 speed PC 971
tires: michelin City 700c 32
lights: Miah 3000 Night Crusher

Four and three and two and one
when i'm on the mic
(what up?)
the suckers run

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