Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ridin' dirty - new recruits

Cara and Nick after drinking their inaugural FOUR Loko on the railroad tracks near Golden Gardens, although Nick is pictured drinking milk. 

Nick and I hit the road late Saturday night. The Huskies prevailed against the forces of mediocrity -- their own and that of the Cougars.

We met up with Cara, who I believe who was on a date at the time, but rolled with us to Golden Gardens for the ceremonial drinking of the alcopop. Mr. Q couldn't make it, so I performed the induction, a secret rite so secret even the person being inducted doesn't know.

After dropping Cara back off on 65th, Nick and I rolled to the scrap pile, then up to the West Seattle junction. Just before the glorious bomb down Admiral, I snapped my chain.

I was able to coast, but it was kind of freaky.

We ended up walking to Fourth Ave and catching a cab back to the U District.

Last week Mr. Q and talked openly of our dream of rolling five, 10, 20 deep. The proverbial Ill Convoy. We'd be an unholy army of the night. We would definitely need walkie-talkies.

Who jumps up to get beat down? Oh yes, punks.

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