Thursday, December 2, 2010

Night Riders Union of Seattle bylaw #4: a night rider rides at night

Each month, to maintain good standing in the brother and sisterhood of the night riding pants, one must participate in an official night ride.

A1) Concerning official rides:
-A quorum shall consist of two
-The majority of the ride must be conducted after sunset, and riders must be on the road until at least 2 a.m.
-Minimum mileage: 25 miles
-Alcopops/shotgunned beers/cocktails are optional
-grape Swishers are optional
-'90s rap and R&B is not optional

A2) Concerning wrecks
-Wrecks are discouraged

A3) Concerning quorum for changing bylaws
-No quorum is required
-Any member in good standing can change bylaws for any reason at any time

A4) Concerning punishment for violating bylaws
-There is no punishment

B1) Concerning hills
-Hills going up are to be avoided
-Hills going down are not to be avoided

C1) Concerning excuses for not night riding
-Rain is not a valid excuse
-Cold is not a valid excuse
-Ice is not a valid excuse
-Being a little bitch is a valid excuse

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