Thursday, November 11, 2010

Night Ride - Kingston, man

"It's sad when one girl ruins the party for everyone."
-Dan, on the nine Central Washington University students 
taken to the hospital after consuming FOUR Loko.

Here is a statement from Phusion, the madmen behind this plague, this delicious plague, blaming the kids and the media.

There were media reports of runs on remaining stocks. The ban takes effect Nov. 18.

Mr. Q travled to the mini mart today to stock up. In line at the cash register, the person in front, and behind him, both were buying FOUR Loko in bulk.

"I didn't sell much of it before," the clerk told Mr. Q. "But now that it's on the news, everybody wants to try it."

He found a new flavor, lemon lime. What a bummer.

Anyway, here is a recipe for a cocktail version of FOUR Loko. Simple to make, only slightly more expensive, and actually more delicious.

-1 bike bottle filled with ice
-1 bottle of Sprite
-Captain Morgan, as much as you think will do the trick
-1 5-Hour Energy, or Monster, or whatever. The kind they sell at the mini mart counter.

Simple. Mix, enjoy. Now ride 15 miles in the dark. Then have another. Repeat.

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