Monday, September 6, 2010

I crashed my new bike

The new frame, accesorized, debuted these past two night rides. Gravey brown Surly Cross Check, 60 cm.

Have to say, cant tell much difference in weight compared to the '79 Nishiki Olympic 12.

Didnt get to ride very much at first, messed up my back real good, again.

Had my first wreck Saturday morning. Coming down 10th Ave E off Capitol Hill in the rain. Thought better of taking Harvard and attempted a hastily planned right turn down a side street. Maybe because I'm new to canti brakes, but i locked the front wheel on the sharp turn and went down on my hip and elbow. back was fine.

i hopped up and checked the frame for damage. Road rash, scrapes, nothing that would keep me from our union duties that night.

I'm still sore from it, yet grateful my brand new frame wasnt damaged. it's fortunate i was able to get my first wreck out of the way so early, and without any real injury.

so now if i never get another bike, i'll be set.

remember, look for the union label.

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