Monday, April 5, 2010

New Bike Smell

Mr. Q christened his steel project Saturday night, braving the cold and rain so that dear Frijolito, or "Lil' Bean," could finally lap the sweet nectar from the trough of night riding.


He found the bike discarded in a cemetery workshop dumpster and instantly saw the potential, if not the fact that in addition to potential, the frame is considerably small for him.

As with any project, that didn't come to light until later. Much later. After several rattle can coats of sparkly brown later. Plus a mix of new, used and stock parts.

And also with any project, it turned out to be more money than he initially wanted to spend.

Although Mr. Q all along wanted a sparkly brown bike with blue highlights, he opted to name his bike in honor of his best friend, Leroy Brown. Leroy is a dog, but he isn't closed minded. Leroy's coat is also brown, just not so sparkly.

It's going to need some work, but Mr. Q is determined, and a swell bicycle mechanic in his own right.

The same day, I reconfigured Kali Ma, took off the bullhorns and the uniglide 6-speed rear wheel, slapped on a new, machine-built rear wheel with a used 9-speed cassette, plus took off my granny gear -- converting back to a double -- and installed cyclo bars -- from a Surly Cross Check, I believe -- and a pair upper end Sora shifters.

It doesn't feel much lighter, but it does feel faster, for some reason. Although the bullhorns were comfy, and I might go back to them come winter, brifters just seem to make you go faster, although modern aero brake levers would probably give you the same sort of leverage when stomping on the pedals.

After smoking a grape Swisher in Mr. Q's office, we mobbed downtown, then on to the scrap pile outside Georgetown. 

After that, we didn't want to stay out too late, we rode back to the University District where we dined at Memo's.

We rolled only about 25 miles, maybe a little more.

It's an odd feeling getting back home from a night ride and not being in pain and/or exhausted. I wasn't even that drunk. Damn weather.

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