Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Ridin' - A Sunday jaunt

They know, man. They know.

Ah, riding the bike during the day, on a Sunday afternoon. What could be more square? Good thing we were so baked.

It's more difficult to find good places to smoke grape Swishers during the day, and we didn't actually drink alcohol at all.

Matter of fact, we didn't have a Swisher.

After all, it's not a night ride.

So it was, day ridin' the day away. Beautiful weather. Jeremiah was able to join Mr. Q and I for a leg of the journey.

Almost got smeared by a pickup truck coming out of the ferry terminal as I blew through a red light, following Mr. Q's shameless ass. Another thing different about day riding: you must deal with motorists. Something I need to get used to, although it kind of kills my buzz. Maybe I should just start following the rules of the road. Share, and everything.

We rode to West Seattle, around Alki to Lincoln Park, where we sat on the beach, and like gentlemen, waited until the gaggles of older residents walked past before toking on the glass dick.

And here is a cool drawing of an owl, on the backside of a building, in the alley next to the BNSF yard south of downtown.

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