Monday, March 15, 2010

Ridin' Dirty - North Lake Sammamish Seattle Loop Night Ride

Sixty miles is a bitch.

Sunday morning, 1 a.m., along the road in Issaquah, I believe, we happened upon a fellow night rider, stalled, inspecting his map beneath a streetlamp, alone, dazed.

His name was Martin, he lived in Lynnwood, but was originally from Dublin.

He said he had travelled from Lynnwood to Snoqualamie Falls, and was bound for downtown Seattle.

Said his roommates were celebrating at bars, with alcohol, drinking to excess.

Martin is a night rider, he said.

He planned a route that would drop him downtown just at 2 a.m., just in time to report for duty as a designated driver.

But he was confused, couldn't find a trail head.

Have to admit it was well hidden, but we had just come from there, so we rode back to show him the way.

He wasn't too coherent, but neither were we. I was shitfaced.

Here is his picture.

But before we met up with Martin -- whose directions kept us on the right track -- we came across a ladder, randomly, on the I-90 bridge. It was just standing there, leaned against the rail, as though somebody might have been in such despair, and was so short, they climbed up and over to their untimely demise.
We went to the Marymoor Velodrome, took a few laps.
And, along the way, stopped into random 7-Elevens to inspect their selection of alcopops.
Payphone. Don't see many of those around anymore.
Guessed it was 70 miles. Bikely says nearly 60.

By the time we got to Sand Point I wanted to explode my bike.


  1. Looks like a nice loop. We were talking about steel bikes the other day, so I'm sure you've seen the specialized steel:


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  3. Hey, man, wow, thanks for commenting. You're the first!

    I have seen that ride, pretty freaking cool.

    The one and only reservation I had with it is the tire clearance. I comes stock with 23s, I think, and 25s might be tricky. I checked it out at the bike expo on Sat.

    If it just had more tire clearance I would totally be on it right now. Not right now, I mean figuratively.