Tuesday, October 13, 2009

South Seattle Night Ride

Face facts, north Seattle doesn't offer the same challenges and rewards as the south side. The north side has the Burke Gilman Trail, which is a gem. But, at night, it's boring and ball-jarring as daytime television.

The north end is basically a bedroom community. The U-District, sure, that's a stomping ground. And let us not forget Memo's on the Ave, one of Seattle's remaining 24-hour, sit-down restaurants.

But, really, it's a bunch of hills and houses.

The above-posted route takes a superficial, yet nostalgic tour of Pioneer Square, Beacon Hill, and Skyway. Along this route Mr. Q and I saw a family of three coyotes, well-fed, and three drunken gangsters.

Jam box playlist included:

1) Eric B. and Rakim
2) Michael Jackson
3) Snoop Dogg
4) Bobby Brown
5) Chamillionaire (Ridin' Dirty)
6) Lil' Troy (Wanna Be a Baller)

Alcopops ingested: regular Sparks, green Tilt

Blunt papers: grape Swisher Sweet

Mileage: about 36

Duration: 11 p.m. ish to 4 a.m. ish

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