Tuesday, October 20, 2009

North Lake Washington Night Ride Loop


Sunday night saw Kali The Hill Destoyer pressed into service, the wintertime night riding bike I've been building for months now.

It also saw us dump out an almost full can of FOUR loko citrus onto the ground when we suspected a cop was going to pay us a visit. Apparently he/she didn't even see us, and pulled into the park to fill out paperwork, or something.

The above map is the basic north Lake Washington route except for one noteworthy variance: we tried at all costs to avoid the Burke Gilman Trail, although we did end up on it for a spell. As we have previously discussed, it's a good trail, I'm grateful we have it, but it is not ideal for night riding, with its many bumps, distensions and tree roots. This meant more hills to climb, but we handled it well.

And after finsihing up shortly before 4 a.m., we hit Memo's on the Ave, the all-night Mexican joint. The food isn't great, which is odd, because it's hard to screw up Mexican food, but it's cheap and, again, open 24/7.

I think I might not drink on the next night ride. I end up feeling drained and weird the next day, a combo perhaps of the physical exertion, fatigue, and sweet, sweet leg-spreading alcopops.

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