Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lake Washington Loop Night Ride

Here is a night time route around Lake Washington. It's pretty typical of other Lake Washington routes, except it includes Rainier Avenue South, winding through some of Seattle's most interesting neighborhoods. It assumes you'll hit Rainier at about 3:30 a.m.-ish. Riding Rainier during the day, or in the evening, might be sketchy, as it is a busy street.

On this route we experimented with new caffeine-laced alcopops, after discovering recently that Sparks and Tilt no longer fortify their drinkers with stimulants.

Here is a story about alcopops that still include caffeine. Never once does the writer mention how awesome they are. Except Joose, that shit tastes like Thunderbird is its active ingrediant.

Allow me to recommend green Liquid Charge ( a "malternative beverage"), it tastes like green Skittles.

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