Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bike Drive-Bys: Nobody Wins When You Do That

WaPo reported Monday a young man was shot by two night riders.

Drive-by biking, bike-bys, they have many names.

So the union membership asked me to post this message, clarifying that we had nothing to do with the previously mentioned attack.

While we're at it, it might be prudent to categorically deny any involvement anywhere with any bike-by shootings.

A quick search netted one from earlier this year, and one from last year.

-This one in Chicago (ignore the creepy Republican theme of the site)

-This one in Los Angeles

Notice they all happened in the evening hours. Coincidence? Yes. The answer is yes.

We're not too hot on those "this bike is a pipe bomb" stickers, but we are even more opposed to any sticker that says, "this bike is used in drive-by shootings." For one, there are plenty of sanctimonious stickers out there already. Second, any kind of violence is lame, symbolic, figurative, satirical, whatever. Third, it must be incredibly difficult to shoot accurately from a moving bicycle.

Instead of shooting that punk ass who looked at you funny, or had sex with you and now won't return your phone calls, you might hit a condo, or a tattoo parlor, or, god forbid, a designer dog.

So, once again, the Night Riders Union of Seattle is opposed to drive-by shootings from bikes.


Bobby Gentle

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